World Reader

Through a budding partnership with World Reader, a global non-profit headquartered in San Francisco, ( we will get the leadership material (plus other relevant material) loaded onto kindle e-readers ( which will be utilized by the Grandezza Leadership Academy students during the course of the leadership training. These devices will also be loaded with needed (Kenyan) high school text books/syllabus (in soft) thus making the students reading/learning experience better and more effective. The devices will come loaded with about 100 books on leadership, personal development and of course the relevant school text books for the high school students participating in the program.

The devices will be located within the libraries of the participating schools. Apart from being used for the leadership program, the devices will form part of the participating school’s digital library. Such schools can keep enhancing the digital content of the devices as they deem fit. The devices will remain the property of the participating school with the Foundation being guaranteed continued access for running its leadership development programs.

Grandezza Foundation will strive to engage with World Reader to see creative ways of partnering to bring down or absorb the cost of a single Kindle e-reader, currently at around US$ 100. Furthermore, World Reader will provide an easier, credible recipient of donations to the Foundation from friends, partners and well-wishers globally.






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