National & County Governments

Grandezza Foundation will ensure proper liaison with relevant authorities both at the National and County government levels (especially the education officials therein) in Kenya to guarantee smooth running of the leadership program while exploring synergies and possible value-adds that line up with their education objectives. In engaging with the National &/County Education officials/offices, the program aims also at helping shore up academic performance for students participating in the leadership program. With their school textbooks loaded on the Kindle devices, the students will be able to access the same easily on a single device, hopefully cutting on time loss and helping ingrain a reading culture in our young leaders. There will be a definite contribution towards improving academic performance as a result as more and more of our teenagers in high school are exposed to the leadership program primarily and to the growing leadership/personal development content in the digital libraries envisaged herein.
The foundation will seek recognition of the leadership program as a value-add program to our high school curriculum exposing our young and budding leaders to material that will help shape their lives and equip them to positively impact society. Program outcomes and impact will be reviewed periodically in concert with patrons of leadership clubs in the participating schools as well as with County level education officials.

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