Mentors & Coaches

It is noteworthy that most of the benefits of any training program easily get lost within 4-6 months thereafter if there is no solid accountability partnership to entrench the gains from the program. In view of this, and to ensure that the tenets of the leadership program get ingrained in our graduates and that their growth is sustained, there will be a well vetted and suited pool of mentors and coaches who will be tasked with running alongside the Academy’s graduates as they transition from school onwards.

These would be preferably drawn from respectable alumni of the participating schools who will be appointed in liaison with the teaching staff of the participating schools. These selected mentor coaches will be taken through an abridged version of the leadership program to give them a grip to help them effectively “run alongside” the program graduates.

Grandezza Foundation will however reserve the right to broaden this pool and onboard mentors and coaches from a wider cross-section to meet the need herein.

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