E-Library Programs

School Level

The Foundation intends to work on helping participating schools set up digital libraries. This will be done via an initial placement of Kindle e-readers in the school library with an initial content of about 100 e-books. The majority of the books on the e-readers will comprise well-selected books on leadership, personal development, self-help as well as school curriculum text books.

In concert with the participating schools and subject to program performance (in those schools), we envisage building up both the number of Kindle e-readers in the libraries and the content to enable broaden both reach and impact.

Community Level

In partnership with relevant county governments, we envisage setting up digital libraries/community centres initially at constituency level. This can further be cascaded to Ward levels subject to budgetary provision.

We believe that this will further help the Foundation achieve its broader mandate of developing a reading culture primarily among our children/youth and also help shape young people and build their leadership capacity.

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