About Us

At The Grandezza Foundation, we believe that an early investment in building leadership ability and sustained coaching as well as mentoring of our young people (specifically focusing on teenagers) will eventually yield great rewards as far as shaping the future of the African continent goes.

Much of the effort by international organizations in Africa has been geared towards eradicating poverty (amongst other concerns/issues that bedevil this great continent). We feel that for sustained change in Africa’s fortunes and future, a greater investment needs to go towards effective build-up of leadership capacity. Former US Secretary of State Colin Powell once said, “The worst kind of poverty is not economic poverty but rather the poverty of values.”

Our focus by way of this leadership program is to help build in our young people a firm foundation of core leadership values that will help them show up differently and be impactful in their various roles as they transition through life with the hope that ultimately their societies will benefit immensely as a result.

Dr. Myles Munroe, in his book, “The Power of Character in Leadership” notes that: “Leaders stand for something – vision; leaders stand on something – values.”

We trust that as we invest significantly in strengthening what our budding leaders stand on – that is their values – they will effectively enable this great continent to attain her vision of greatness.

The Foundation also envisages helping our young people improve their academic performance as a result of this leadership program.

Coach John Wooden once said, “Longevity in leadership is related, in part, to your love of learning and the sense of urgency you attach to it.”

As a way of investing in building our young people’s leadership capacity, the Foundation (in partnership with World Reader) will help the participating schools build digital libraries by way of the Kindle e-reader devices used during our leadership program being retained by the participating schools’ libraries and forming an initial stock of their digital library. This will be further scaled up in terms of increasing the number of Kindle devices available to the libraries as well as the content in the devices.

Join us on this exciting journey to raise leaders who will eventually shape Africa’s future